Helping Youth & Teenagers

During this phase of life, youth and teenagers go through with the external and internal struggle and their problems are connected to one another like a chain reaction. They are just like trapped in the situation and unable to find a way. Every youth respond differently towards the challenge of life. With the help of counseling you will find that relations with youth and teenagers become less stressful.
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Adolescents Counselling

Issues with Adolescents

Adolescence is a developing phase of a child involving physical, emotional and intellectual growth. It is the connecting phase of childhood and adulthood in which a teenager try to find his/her own identity. If you feel like you’re just not yourself than ask for help as soon as you can.
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Youth and Teenagers day to day issues

Worries and fear are normal in teenagers. Some common issues are body image, anxiety, self esteem, academic abilities, stress, bullying, depression etc. If a child worries regarding these kinds of issues and starts to see the world as an unsecure place, this is the time that a child might need some help.
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Youth Problem Counselling
Peer Pressure Counselling

Peer Pressure

Almost everyone faces peer pressure once in a while but sometimes it pushes a person to do things that they are not willing to do. If you are in this hustle and bustle situation, you must need to know to how to handle it.
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FOMO (Fear of Missing out)

Do you check social media again and again so you don’t feel left out or do you ask yourself if you are making the right choices for your career, your kids, your life?” Fear of Missing Out- Is it an alarming sign of modern life? Is it no big deal or is it telling us something we need to know? FOMO is a lot worse than you think…So if you are not feeling so great, step forward to us...
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Fear of Missing Out
Dealing with Rejection

Dealing With Rejections

Criticism and rejections are parts of life .Everyone want to be accepted but after rejections the sense of security is threatened and person feels abandoned and hopeless. Counselling will help you to regain your sense of self.
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Fear of Facing The Result

Every year at the time of result declaration, some children often go into depression, they fear to face their parents and some try to run away from the home or even try to commit suicide. This is the traumatic situation for both child as well as parents too, let’s find a way to overcome this trauma and explore the new hopes of positive energy with confidence.
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Fear Face Out Counselling