About Us

Sanjay Kapoor Family Counselling is a company established by foresighted Mr.Sanjay Kapoor who is the best family and couples therapist in Delhi NCR and has extensive experience in helping and counselling individuals, groups, corporate. He likely has years of experience and has already worked with hundreds of different families.

Sanjay Kapoor Family Counselling is here to provide exceptional counselling in a safe caring and respectful environment. We move with the value of optimism, empathy, equality and respect with a non judgmental attitude.

We believe that every individual has the right to attain their full potential and every family or any relation has value, integrity and the right to privacy regardless of their economic status, gender, ability and system of beliefs and values.

We aim to establish counselling sessions to assist people to lead happier, healthier and more enjoyable lives.

Sanjay Kapoor family Counselling provides quality services that meet the expectations of our esteemed customers. We build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services and the relevant counseling.

Anyone who wants to talk or wants to share their thoughts can come to Sanjay Kapoor Family Counselling and have a better understanding and directions to their thoughts regardless of where you are in your journey. You should know that change, happiness and well being are always possible.

Sanjay Kapoor Family Counselling has a crystal clear vision that family comes first and here we work to support relationships. Every family has a right to be strong and happy. The base of any building is more important than the whole structure. Similarly, the people of any nation are the greatest assets of a country, if the people are happy, they will achieve more success and growth, and this growth will be fruitful for that nation in return.

Sanjay Kapoor family Counselling knows this from personal experience and from the experiences of our visited clients, who have shared with us, everyone deserves happiness and this is what we wish for our clients.

Ultimately ‘Sanjay Kapoor Family Counselling’ believes in building family relations stronger.