What is counseling? How can it be helpful?

Counselling is an experience of looking at something or someone from different perspectives. It gives you an opportunity to understand complex or difficult issues and you feel empowered.

What happens at a counselling session?

On your first visit, we will talk to you to get to know what's on your mind and what do you want from counselling. This is known as initial assessment, and then we will talk about how it might be best to proceed further.

How many counselling sessions do I have to come to?

A Successful Initial Assessment is our first objective which will clear client’s state of mind and situation. This will determine number of counseling sessions required for a particular person.

How long does each counselling session last?

A Counselling session generally sums up in an hour, but it may be extended depending upon the situation.

Am I giving up if I am asking for Counselling

No. Seeking Counselling doesn’t mean that you are giving up. But instead, it indicates that you are trying to understand the problem and you are willing to improve it.

What is the Telephone Counselling service?

It allows you to receive counselling on any relationship or family issues over the phone.

How is Telephone Counselling helpful?

It is helpful for the people who have busy schedules or who don’t want to reveal their identity. The extra advantage of this service is that it is available to you even on the weekends.

What does Telephone Counselling involve?

You may go on our website to book a telephonic appointment or just give us a call. After which, you will receive a call from us at the scheduled time for your initial assessment.

How much does the Telephone Counselling service cost?

Go on our website to check the details of the costs involved.

How do I book an appointment?

You may go on our website to book an appointment or just give us a call.

Can I book an appointment for someone else?

If an appointment is to be made for a child or a teen, his/her parents are permissible to book a counselling session.

How soon can an appointment be made to talk to someone?

It depends on the availability of time slots for counselling sessions.

What if there are no slots available according to my preferred timing?

We keep on updating our available slots on a daily basis. We recommend you to check for availability regularly .Give us a call or write an email to us in case of urgency. We will update you if new available time slot arise.

What if I miss your phonecall for Telephone Counselling?

If you miss your call for telephone counseling, we will plan one more chance to reschedule your appointment according to the availability.

Will the information I share be kept as a secret?

We are bound to keep secrecy of our client. We do not share any information about our client to anyone; unless and until someone’s personal safety is at risk.

What is pick and drop facility?

Pick and drop facility is provided to our clients who wants to come at us for the councelling. To and Fro fare will be bear by the client itself. In this facility, we will arrange the conveyance for our client to bring them safely and vice versa.

Do you offer counselling at home?

Yes, If a person willing to take counseling at their own place

Does service fees apply any tax?

Yes, Service charges are excluding taxes, GST at 18% will be applicable on the fees