Friendships And Breakups

Everyone experiences friendships and breakups in their life. As friendship is vital to ones happiness and longevity, breaking up is always hard, no matter at what age you are .Friends always influenced you-for better or for worse. In counseling, a person can discuss any emotion or difficulty experienced in both phases and will be helped to cope with the mixed feelings.
Adolescents Counselling

Live in Relationship

Live in relationship concept is not new to India now a days .But still it is considered to be socially and morally improper and the problems and issues are getting higher. However the rate of acceptance is now increasing day by day as the youth is becoming more conscious regarding their career, and moving to the metropolitan cities for their future aspect. So to cope with the necessities of their required lifestyle and the western influences, live in relationships have become more prevalent and the issues like their mutual understanding, physical relationship, trust, and money issues equivalently raising as well .To know how to deal with all these issues, visit to us and live happily ever after.
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Long Distance Relationship

Due to commitment to ambition, career, and modern living, long distance relationship is in the air but it can be challenging because couples are struggling with their career and relationship too at the same time. However every long distance relationship has its own unique set of problems which are difficult to tackle. Here you will get the new perceptions to deal with it and help to bring you both closer in your relationship.
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Youth Problem Counselling
Peer Pressure Counselling


Doubts arise during a relationship but sometimes they are not good for a healthy relationship. You may have many reasons to doubt on your partner. It can be a warning sign to you and your relationship. Try sorting out your doubts with us, we will tell you if they are healthy or an indicator to a serious issue.
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Superiority / Inferiority/Complex

We live in a competitive world where there is a need to go up by stepping on shoulders of other person to get ahead in life and career. Problems occur when a person develops an opinion for own self that he is always better than others and starts to humiliate others unknowingly. But what happens when he can’t match those certain set levels or when the person experiences the trauma of his superiority? Counselling is highly effective at treating feelings of negative and damaging thoughts to gain self esteem back.
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Fear of Missing Out