About Mr. Sanjay Kapoor

Mr. Sanjay Kapoor empowers the families, youth and golden agers to overcome personal obstacles and hence to improve their relationships with everyone. He has more than forty years of experience that enables him to help people find their paths in life and to encourage them to move ahead positively. So, with his wisdom, humor, empathy and real life experiences, he tries to motivate people to seek out other ways.

He truly feels that everyone is looking for a platform, where a person can not only express himself but he is also heard carefully without any prior judgment or an opinion.

Mr. Sanjay Kapoor is a self-made man who has faced a lot of difficult circumstances, who was not born into privilege and wealth and yet by his own efforts, he manages to become a great success in life with his hard work and sheer will power.

So as, Sanjay Kapoor who turned his life into a wealthy and happy life, certainly earns the title of self made man. Because, there was no silver spoon fed in his mouth when he came into the world in 1960.

He has not only seen failure but poverty too .He strongly believes that failure is a part of life. All we need to do is to trust and accept ourselves. Mr. Sanjay Kapoor’s struggle started quiet early, his struggle and his insecurities made him a critical thinker and a keen observer. While this could be overcome through his life experience and maturity, the natural tendency of a creative struggle is to be hard on yourself and to find the root cause of the actual problem to cure it.

To earn his livelihood he worked a lot, In order to take forward his business he travelled to many countries, met different people with their different attitudes towards life, observed different ideologies of different countries. His life is full of ups and downs. Along the road of his life journey he faced many stumbling blocks, twists and turns, doubts, injustice and setbacks but he never gave up, took chances and failed only to get up and try again and again to pave his road to success with his determination and sacrifice. He never panics, adopts positive approach and keeps his mind calm. Problems are part of life and the beauty is to know how to handle it.

Excellence does not come without hard work and struggle. For Mr. Sanjay Kapoor-the struggle was more intense since he was born into extreme poverty and when his efforts succeeded and he overcomes all the obstacles, there was no greater joy than making his dream come true in the form of “Sanjay Kapoor Family counseling.”

Due to his life experiences, he was blessed with the ability to look beyond the facts and to take into consideration other factors and motivators contributing to people's behavior. Mr. Sanjay Kapoor found that the problems are not as big as people see them. The families and relations are getting ruined due to misunderstandings and miscommunication .So he started “Sanjay Kapoor Family Counselling” where he listens to the problems and discusses his experience with them and tries to keep the family united.

His main aim is to save the relationships and to keep the family united. He tries to make people understand the value of the family i.e. how big and important role of a family is there in one’s life to keep him or her motivated and happy.

Mr. Sanjay Kapoor is always willing to help anyone without any expectation .He often do charities for deprived children and people. Moreover he admires and understand the role of Indian Army too, he offers his services free of cost for them and their family members.

The journey of his counseling started with the real life experiences of his childhood, adolescence, youth, and adulthood problems issues which gave him the deepest insights to understand the sentiments, emotions, beliefs, love, anger, stress, depression and anxiety of the different age groups of people.

Mr. Sanjay Kapoor found that people are judged by society, friends and family members. While working with people, he came to know that people walk around with hidden traumas and despite intense psychological issues people tend to judge others for trifling things.

In his career span Mr. Sanjay Kapoor found that each and every single person has his or her own unique set of problems regardless of their age, gender and situations, such as teenagers are depressed due to competition in their life style whether it is related to their education or their daily routine life, youth faces stress due to his job, peers behavior, their relations. Middle age people are struggling with the marital problems; Golden agers feel isolated and financially weak. Everyone needs a hand to hold and wants to express him or herself without any fear. So, ‘Sanjay Kapoor Family counselling’ provides a platform for anyone who wants to share or discuss their problems and secrets in a non judgmental environment.

‘Sanjay Kapoor Family Counselling’ believes in building family relations stronger.